Color: White and gray Pull and Stick Wallpaper

Material: Vinyl Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Roll Size: 17.7" wide x 236.2" long, covers 29 sq.ft 

Usage: Wall decoration, glass, vinyl, Kitchen counter, furniture, crafts, bookcases, cabinets and drawers, counter tops, closet shelving, Shelf, pantry areas etc.

Instruction For Use:

1. It can be placed on any smooth clean and dry surface like shelf, board, wood cabinet,drawer,walls,window,glass etc. It is best applied at room temperature.

2. Sand down rough surfaces prior to sticking. Clean large surfaces with mild soap and water.

3. Measure the surface to cover. Cut the film into right size, leaving about 5cm extra overlap on all edges is beter.

4. Peel off the backing paper evenly with one hand whilst smoothing the film to the surface. With your other hand, from the center to edges. For this it's better to use a soft cloth.

5. Creases and air bubbles can be removed by applying light pressure from the center to the edges. Pierce stubborn bubbles with a needle and squeeze the air out. 


1. Color tones can vary due to lighting in the room, pictures on wall for reference only. 

2. Please buy enough rolls at a time to make sure they come from the same batch to avoid color difference.

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Akywall White Gray Brick Wallpaper 17.7x236.2 Inch Self-Adhesive Removable Durable Peel and Stick Faux Brick Contact Paper Home Decoration

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